Life Lotus

Welcome to Life Lotus. Life Lotus is about living congruently – it is an active, living, breathing portfolio tool. In the search for personal branding most social media is geared to compartmentalizing peoples’ lives. Linked In for business. Facebook for personal/sometimes business. My Space, mostly personal. Twitter, a combination of self-promotion and resource sharing, personal and business. All social media outlets ask us to compartmentalize our lives and have different representations of ourselves on each site. The mission of Life Lotus is to allow you to be everything you are in one location. Much like a Lotus flower, our lives, personalities, and interests are multi-faceted. We are not one-dimensional, why should our online personas be? Humans are also very fluid, often developing or dropping interests in favor of others. We are constantly influx and growing – our social media should follow our patterns of growth and development. Life Lotus is meant to be the best of what an online personal brand portfolio can be. Whether you are an artist, a mother, an executive, etc. etc., your life is not static and your full expression should be allowed. Working similarly to a venn diagram, Life Lotus allows you to choose as many “petals” of interests in your private and public sections as needed. A person who writes a blog is no longer restricted to just writing about the one topic that their blog is supposed to be about. Life Lotus


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