Wordle: Mirona


People wonder why I am not a Christian

One day in the afternoon, I was sitting by the fountain at university when a couple of ‘Christian Crusades for Christ’ club members walked up to me and began asking me about Jesus Christ.

They told me how, “he had died for my sins”

I responded by asking them, “why are you so preoccupied with someone who died for your sins 2,000 years ago??! There is death supporting our lives (and our sins) RIGHT NOW – animals die for our food, people die to support our consumption lifestyle for clothing, foods, and mining our oil and diamonds. People die for our silence and complacency to this situation”

I said something more than this, they understood and were speechless – we parted on good terms.

In case you don’t believe me here are a couple examples of recent abuses of human labor in the name of cheap goods. More on this later…