“I remember dreams about bananas off the airplane, I remember Kitty the nanny walking us to school through the field, I remember my first dress in America, bedside and pink as I awoke to my 6-year-old body, I remember earwigs on the black chair, scratching mom’s car, I remember the chair with the fold up foot stool that was my playing table, I remember the squeaky floor and the shaking house as we ran through, I remember Drop Dead Fred and time capsules, I remember Maria pushing me and red-starred shorts, I remember hot chocolate and ice skating, I remember watery chocolate pudding in the veranda and baby kitties eating spaghetti, I remember line-dried towels and a big refrigerator box, I remember Blue Lakes and kids learning bigotry, I remember the sound of the boy’s back getting beat-up off the bus, I remember the couch in the closet and the peach-colored lamp to escape to, I remember little window sill worlds without screens, I remember the hammock in the backyard and the place where there was a fixed line between the grass and the dirt, I remember the sunflower shirt that attracted bees that made me drop my papers and on a windy day I ran, I remember corn flakes strawberries and milk, I remember hearing tests in the padded room with soft lighting, I remember banana splits at TCBY, I remember reduced lunch in the old cafeteria and Elena who could make her eyes wiggle fast, I remember the girl who came late to school and told me her mom hit her arms, I remember winning the limbo contest and getting my picture taken, I remember Secret of Nimh with Tatu on the couch and The Little Mermaid, I remember crying about my black shorts, I remember the casio keyboard, I remember the boy from Armenia who always looked at me funny and people thought his name was ‘Arm’, I remember getting in trouble and not being able to go out at ‘fun day’, then being happy because it was dark in the classrooms and I stole somebody’s chili candy, I remember Ramona books and passing out at school, I remember getting caught being good, I remember the Mary Poppins dress, I remember girl scout cookies in winter, I remember the boy who called me ‘macaroni’ and I liked it, I remember the art project where squiggly lines were supposed to mean ‘happy’ and straight lines ‘angry’ and the same boy who called me ‘macaroni’ was the only one who used straight lines, and the principal had to drag him out of class with his chair, I remember passing out and crying at soft ball, I remember Mrs. Owens and her tuning fork, I remember IGA, Leah’s Ceramics, and Funyuns for 25 cents, I remember mama insisting on the music being loud on the way to school and especially when we got to school – late, I remember Green Day on the way to school with Chrissy Jennifer, I remember breakfast for dinner, I remember holiday mornings, I remember dresses for class photos, I remember photos every other weekend with Tatu, I remember misspelling ‘nostril’ as n-o-s-t-r-a-l at the spelling bee and asking for it in a sentence, “the bull flared his nostril”, I remember names and faces that I love, hate, resent, or wonder about, who am I?


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