social value

Unspoken Social Rule of the Day: I realized that I am very generous with praise ,compliments, and recognition – this often leads people to undervalue my gestures in this regard. It’s an unfortunate realization that it’s likely the people that give whole-heartedly frequently go unnoticed and unrecognized themselves. It’s also unfortunate that people who give just enough to be recognized and in demand  – but not more than that, are appreciated for that quality. Instead of blaming people that don’t understand or see the value of what I offer, I need to accept the reality of this diminishing law of returns. It’s like trying to give someone food when they are full – they won’t want it, they don’t crave, desire or appreciate it. This is a subtle rule that socially cunning people often understand but nobody talks about. It makes me realize, out of necessity, I need to give less to more places. If I want my generosity of words, thoughts, and deeds to be valued I need to give less to more places/people. Perhaps volunteering in different places.