Do you try to give to people that don’t give back to you and then ignore the people that do want to share with you? yea… me too! It’s called codependency and it’s ok! just sayin… I notice I do this and I’m like “WHY!?” – but… I have gotten much much better since I’ve started “Going (giving) where it flows” -if you find yourself stuck… hear me saying: “Give where it flows baby” – people that want to regenerate/reciprocate and flow WITH you. The thing is…. when we make someone’s ability to reciprocate or receive from us mean something about us (I’m unlovable, I’m not good enough.. blah blah) that’s when we get hooked! And then we try to change them – but really we don’t want to change them, we just don’t want it to mean what we think it means about us… šŸ™‚ So:

1. QTIP – Quit Taking It Personally , the person’s ability means nothing about you

2. Just feel your own feeling – remember just because someone abandons you doesn’t mean you have to abandon yourself. Someone may not be able to be as present with you as you would like, the moment you notice yourself feeling bad about it, just give yourself a big hug and affirm you are still there with YOU and then it’s easier to let go and accept what the other person is willing/able to receive.

3. Notice when you get attached to the outcome or feel resentful or angry – this means your cup is runnin’ low honey! Go fill up – laugh, dance, play banjo- whatever you need to do to fill your cup… (but not with addictions) -sometimes, it’s just … letting go of trying.. and- “Give where it flows”

4. Remember, it’s a GIFT when you ALLOW someone to GIVE to you
Then … RECEIVE… work in progress. Have a fantastic day =)