“Sex, like all things, is righteous to the extent that heaven meets earth there…

Sex is not, in its essence, about the body at all. It is an opportunity for us to remove our emotional armor with someone who wants us to remove it and who wants to remove his or her own. Problems occur when we have sex with people who have no desire whatsoever for us to be so naked in their presence, who have nosense of the sacred responsibility it is to hold another person’s heart in their hands….

There’s a state of being that is raw and authentic and fiercely graceful, like a great ballerina dancing in her prime. Sex in that place is more than just sex. With every couple who make it past the sad disconnection of sex that’s just sex to the fire at our center, the world is brought closer to the end of its pain. How excruciating to have touched that place, and then to land unsuspectingly back in the world as we knew it; the cold, non-intimate, un-soft world of people who cannot find each other. That’s why we never should have sex casually. If you’re not with a person who’s an artist at love, the art of love is a dangerous game….
So be careful but be brave…”

~Marianne Williamson, “Illuminata