Welcome 2013!

What an incredible year 2012  has been for me. I did more in 2012 than in the last 3 years combined. My top 10 list of photo (1)experiences for 2012:

1. Moved out of my place with a roommate in University Heights to Bankers Hill was the best thing I could have done for myself. That was a toxic living situation and I am so much happier with my own space!!

2. Started P90X – I got the dvd set copied from a friend. I never knew the relief that a consistent exercise/nutrition plan could bring! I was delighted to find that my 3 PM munchies were staved off with a consistent eating schedule.All of that negative self talk about not having any willpower was unnecessary, my body was just hungry! I set my alarm to alert me to eat every 3 hours. 

I felt an elated sense of mastery and efficacy. I lost 15 pounds and gained muscle mass. I loved every moment running to Balboa Park.

3. Got involved in the San Diego Entrepreneur community. Attended Start-Up America San Diego and helped to produce SD Entrepreneur Day. Helped at SD Quick Pitch

4. Helped to organized TEDxAFC event

5. Teen girls mentor for Jenna Druck center

6. Unstoppable Entrepreneur event

7. Attended Women’s Institute of Negotiation ‘Boot Camp’ 

8. Created my site ‘Bridge to Bohemia’

9. Started being more visible

10. Was a juror on a 4 month trial. Was a very intense experience.