In December Adyashanti held a community Satsang to answer questions about spiritual growth. 

Freedom is what we are. Reality is seeing what is.

These are my highlights/memorable words.

We are “held captive by our commitments to the world”

– by thought, mind, emotion, and belief systems

Our ideas of the way things “should be” control us.

When our demands are not fulfilled we withdraw from life, we have anxiety.

We have addiction to power and acquisition and the biggest addiction is to “how we see ourselves”

We must STOP – stop without reason and “turn around all at once” knowing that nothing else worked – we must “turn around” and face all of these things inside of us.

Meditation is so powerful because “silence threatens to take belief and stories from us”

The guided meditation was really beautiful. With the breath, we imagined with each exhale we were dropping part of the ego into that vibrant nothingness and on the inhale putting a part of that back in us.


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