To be human is to make meaning out of meaninglessness

ImageThe only real choice we have is the meaning we give events in our lives

I wrote earlier:

1. Powerlessness is the worst feeling someone can feel

I can now with a little bit of confidence add the following 2 as the other painful feelings in life.

2. The inability to realize that it is we who decide the meaning of things that happen to us

3. Inability to decide a “constructive” (life giving) meaning after tragedy because it conflicts with our preexisting world view.

I spoke with the mother of one of the victims after the trial and truly the most painful thing was, not the grief and loss but the ongoing meaninglessness of it all. The  literal fabric of her life shaken so drastically to pieces… it takes strength to live with contradiction and then even more strength to become congruent. Up through the fertile stench of society… Life… finds a way.