Power of Receiving

I was searching the internet for information about women’s power. One quickly developing theme for me is this idea of women’s power! As mentioned in my previous post on the Women’s Negotiation Institute – women just have to do it differently – I’m not talking about some metaphysical or pseudo-scientific idea about women possessing a special intuition or ‘womb power’. This is about the hard truth about doing business in a man’s world.

The first podcast I listened to is from ‘One Woman Marketing’ – a good insight into working with the ’12 Elements of Power’ – I found page 8 of this pdf to be very helpful. It’s about balancing your approach in every area of life to get more efficacy in every area of life. One of the areas is in ‘giving’ or in the business sense when we are pushing and driving results and balancing this activity with learning when and how to slow down and sort of … harvest the results of our efforts. The subject of ‘power of receiving’ peaked my interest because I have typically formed one-sided relationships!

I am typically the friend that listens, gives support, and feedback but generally feel like my “friends” fall short with me  -I am seeking out relationships of reciprocity and how to build these. And yes, as per my normal approach to things, I am looking at my part in it. What can I do differently to change and create new dynamics?

Here, I stumble upon Amanda Owen’s work on the ‘Power of Receiving‘ – she had some substantial insights and tips on this topic.

My take-away from her:
1. You cannot receive what you don’t value

2. There is a difference between the giver/receiver relationship (in which both people feel more bonded and intimate) and doer/taker relationship (where both people feel resentful and drained)
Many times when people give they are really just acting out of expectation of a social role not what comes from the heart or feels right.

The important points on Receptivity (as a state of being) – prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer!

1. Accept all compliments
– an important part of being open and receive everything

2. Be grateful

3.  Be spiritually naked- authentic and vulnerable

4. Take a complaints fast – no complaints for 30 days.

Receptivity is independent of what you think of yourself