Break it down again

So I’ve been sitting on this business plan since 2006 –  my intention is to facilitate bringing my business to life with the help of this writing….I’m working to find my rawr! It has been really frustrating.. it has affected my self-esteem, my sense of accomplishment – there is not one day that has gone by that I have not thought about it. Maybe I will post

To break it down:

Problem: Cultural preservation and poverty (so far my blog is just about the problem
– Cultural heritage is unsustainable – seen as less valuable than “western” ideal
– Through globalization- heritage is replaced with “western” aesthetic
–  Irony- Much of western aesthetic is appropriated and commercialized from cultural heritage of many various cultures

: Translate traditional folkloric clothing to modern design.
-Income is redistributed through sustainable wage (economic justice)
– Reclaiming cultural heritage – cultural esteem is restored (social justice)

My ideal client/reader is educated about social and/or economic justice. She is likely an educated (Bachelor degree in progress or higher) progressive liberal that has at least dabbled in diy and owns at least one pair of TOMS. She considers herself a “free thinking bohemian” has a desire to have a positive social impact/change in her community. She likely reads/has read/ or is aware of cultural appropriation in reference to native american culture. She is empathetic to poverty and has artistic/creative leanings.

That’s all I have so far – I will continue to refine the problem/solution.