Gift of the Gods

I am a powerful woman – I need a powerful enough man to enhance and be enhanced by – he is inspired by me. He feels more. He is coming alive in ways he hasn’t been in a long time. I complete something for him. He calls me  ‘My Gift of the Gods’, Special ‘M’, Sexy, Sweetheart, Amazing. I love it all. Yet, I focus on what I want:

Lifestyle: be able to travel home to see my mom, sister, and father a couple times/year. Time to work on my projects, startup, research. Write.

Money: To fund  my startup, manicures 1 time/month, facial treatment 3 times/year, enough to feel taken care of. Travel to Romania.

Gardening, homesteading, survival preparedness and training.

Meditation and Yoga – self-care

I dont want children for another 5 years.