Women’s Negotiation Boom Boom Camp

womens institute of negotiation
On Friday I could have called in sick to work to stay home. Instead, I called in sick to attend Boom Boom camp! Otherwise known as “Women’s One-Day Negotiation Boot Camp -how to Negotiate in a Man’s World Without Compromising your Values” through the Women’s Negotiation Institute. It’s only 12-months old – but coming in strong – negotiation is a specialty within the women’s empowerment field. On the drive up I was really hesitant – I drove 2 hours, paid for gasoline, and stood through traffic to come to LA. I was hoping that this seminar would not be all sales like some others I have gone to.
I was blown away.
It was obvious from the moment Dr. Yasmin Davidds began speaking that she has compassion for her women and deep understanding of women’s roles in business. Her lessons are based in the reality of home women have been seen when they take negotiation lessons from men. Women must harness their femininity – not only because we are seen as selfish bitches if we don’t but because being a woman is awesome! Our femininity can enhance our negotiation by helping people feel safe. Men can negotiate even if people don’t like them. Women bring safety, nurturuing, collaboration, and compromise – when combined with becoming irresistibly likeable, playful, empowered, and sexy we re unstoppable!