When you find him – you will be inspired

Get the guy, Cracking the Man Code, Christian Carter etc etc. all of these tips but I truly believe once you find that man that YOU believe in- you will be INSPIRED to become the woman that you want to be! Let me tell you how it happened to me…

May 23, I thought he was just a silly boy. Probably younger than me – me more cynical than he. It was no love at first sight. His arrogance and condescending humor all too familiar growing up. He kind of annoyed me, I wanted to get under his skin. Easy not to take him seriuosly – sure he had bragging rights but he was still an immigrant – like me. I had the advantage – even simply in cultural understanding.

He invited me to go to ‘Avengers’  – but he, with confidence says, he only goes to IMAX. I said ‘No’ – he says what do you mean ‘No’? With a smile I said, you are taking me to Cinepolis!

I invited him to the wedding on Saturday – “Be there at 6:30 – we’ll have a drink and then go to the movie. Buy the tickets so it’s not sold out.”

Strike 1: Showed up in jeans.
Strike 2: I looked like a goddess, phenomenal, amazing – he said ” You look pretty”

Tipsy on Rose and feeling playful we get some chocolate covered strawberry and raspberries and go outside to the marina. We have our drinks –  a security comes over and says we can’t have our drinks out there. I turn to my man whispering with my eyes “let him walk away.”

He comments it would be great if we knew someone with a boat. I yell down to someone walking around the boats: “Hey can we check out your boat?”  “Yes sure come down!” Delighted – I tiptoe gracefully and boastfully down the ramp – as if I’m entering a stage. He says “I buy  and sell boats” I say, ” How much, $3,000?”  – “No, $3,500” –  I march around the boat as if seriously considering purchasing it. I negotiate a free night on the boat.

Cinepolis – Strike 3: hadn’t bought the tickets
2 movies, free popcorn, tickets comped, and free tickets for thenext movie.